Race Calendar 2017 so far:

  • 18-19th March; Canberra 12 hour track race, 2nd Female
  • 25th March; Buffalo Stampede 75k
  • 22nd-23rd April; Coburg 24 hour21st May; UTA 100k
  • 23rd-24th September; Brisbane 24 hour track ultra
  • 17th-18th November; Great Southern Endurance Run 100 miles (or a bit more I believe!!)

Race Results 2016:

  • 19th March, 64kms, Razorback Run: completed! 5th female
  • 8th-10th April, The Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam: 3rd female!!
  • 24th April, Maroondah Dam 50kms: I didn't end up doing this, decided I needed the recovery more! I volunteered on an aid station instead.
  • 29th May, Macedon 50k...can't remember!!!
  • 26th August, CCC 100k, first Australian female
  • 26-27 November 100 mile Alpine Challenge, 2nd female