Well, I ran Pen-y-ghent yesterday, and it was a fantastic. I couldn't believe it, though, it snowed just for when I was running! I left the car (which had told me it was 6 degrees) thinking, that's a reasonable temperature, but then half-way up the mountain the wind whipped up and it snowed!! Not like in the Dandenongs where it melts on contact with the ground, either! The ground was so cold I was soon running through snow!! I couldn't see the track, which made my going a little tricky. There are lots of rocks on the course which are nice and slippery too. The downhill was great fun though!! Luckily the snow had started to melt. I am off tomorrow to do another recce so shall update with that tomorrow!!
Oh my god!!I can't believe it was February when I last updated this blog!! Well, I am currently in the UK, having just arrived this morning. I've already been for a run too!! i can't believe that last week I was running in 20 degrees at 6am, and here I was today running at 1pm and it hailed on me! My singlet provided excellent protection..not!! :-) Oh well, all part of the fun, isn't it? I am going out to do my first reconnossaince (spelling??), which should help with getting to know the course. I've hired a car, which I drove from Manchester airport after getting off my flight from Oz, which was a bit nerve racking!! Only one person honked at me and gave me the finger!! I will be using my friends GPS to help me get out to the race course, thank god!! As you know, I am directionally challenged, even near where I live, let alone on the other side of the world! I shall update tomorrow on how my run goes!
SUnday 24th FEBRUARY
On Tuesday evening Andrew and I went to the Telstra Dome for the Leader Sports Star of the Year Awards (2007). I was up for contention for the Knox region, with 12 others in the Senior Category. It was narrowed down to three finalists, one of which was me! It was very exciting, but unfortunately (for me!!) a netballer won. Oh well, not to worry! It was a great night, and very inspiring to hear athletes of a variety of ages and from diverse sports talk about their achievements.
My leg is getting better, and I am just about fully over my cold. I am back into full training again, but I do have another race coming up. On Saturday I will race just down the road from here, which will be a nice change to be so close! It is The Basin fun run from the local Baptist Church. I am not sure yet whether to do the 11km or 16km event! I shall have to see how I feel. It is all on the local bike tracks, and should be a lot of fun.
It has been a while since I have updated this! Well, at least it is good news. I raced the Maroondah Dam Trail 30k yesterday, and won the women's event, breaking the record I had set two years previously. I was very happy with this result, especially considering I was just getting over a cold, and my RHS hip/glute has been giving me a bit of grief.I was 20 minutes ahead of the 2nd woman, and placed about 7th (Am yet to see official results) in the men's category. It was extremley hot, and a lot of people suffered with this, myself included. Fortunately, the organisers had done a fabulous job of putting water out on the course about every 7kms, no mean feat in such terrain. It was great to catch up with lots of runners after the race, too, especially as the weather was perfect for a BBQ. Andrew encouraged me to ice my legs in the stream which runs from the Dam, man was it freezing!! My feet hurt so much I couldn't stay in too long. I think it helped, however, as my hip felt much better afterwards. I'm off to the osteopath this afternoon, hopefully he can give me some exercises to do, and he can work out what is actually causing the problem (Running, perhaps???)! I have booked my flights for England, so everything is happening! I can't wait!!
I raced on the track on Monday night and, honestly, it was the windiest night I have seen in a long time! Even driving to the track, I could feel the wind pushing my car sideways! This did not bode well for a PB. The race did not run early, so I had plenty of time to warm up.
There were not many women racing, so we ended up racing with the men, and the juniors who were doing the 3000m.I have never raced a 5k on the track, so I was a bit nervous. It seemed like a long way to be running just around a 400m track!! Oh well, at least I wouldn't get lost like I did at Bogong!
I enjoyed the race (as much as you can!), mainly because it didn't feel as long as I thought it would just running in circles. I didn't let the wind get to me either, like I sometimes do. It was very tiring pushing into the headwind, which sometimes felt like it was trying to push me backwards!
Well, I didn't PB, but I won the women's and was happy enough that I had mainly stayed positive throughout the race. My next race will be the Maroondah Dam 30km trail race. I better enter as that date is coming up awfully quickly...
I did my long run at Lysterfield Lake today. We did some hills first through Churchill Park, then onto the flatter stuff on the mountain bike course. I do love the single track through this area!
It was so humid this morning!!I find humidity makes you a lot more tired, and I certainly felt it, I just kept to a rhythm.
An easy 1 hour trail run tomorrow morning with some friends up in the Sherbrooke area is planned. Then, Monday night I am racing at the track again. I shall get there with plenty of time to spare, and really work hard to get a PB!! Hopefully, my next report will be positive!!
Well, I raced at the track last night, and actually the late hour didn't bother me. Unfortunately, I arrived at the track in Frankston a bit later than I would have liked, and then they ran the race 20 minutes early!! Thus, I had no warm-up, which led to a pretty ordinary race! oh well, good training. Like the Bogong to Hotham race, these problems that pop up teach me to be mentally strong, so it is all useful practise for me. I will race next week on Monday night on the track again, this time the 5000m. I will arrive there nice and early!!
I have had a bit of trouble lately updating this as our internet (and telephone line!!) keeps dropping out. That is the problem with living in the bush, I suppose!!
I ran the Langford 35 as part of the Bogong to Hotham race on Sunday 6th January. This was a fantastic course that I really enjoyed, and I was doing quite well until I got lost! I then had to back-track, and all up added about 40-45 minutes to my time! Oh well, it is all part of it I suppose.
I was wearing my Yankz laces in my Saucony shoes in the run and I have to say they were absolutely fantastic. I have raced in a number of road races before where my laces have come undone, a very frustrating situation to be on the side of a course tying your laces whilst everyone runs by! Anyway, in this race I ran up and down tricky, technical hills, went through a river, climbed over fallen trees and more, and my feet were comfortably secure the whole time!If only my sense of direction was halfway as good....
I will be racing on the track tomorrow evening in a 1500m race at Frankston. I'm not sure how I will fare racing at such a time as that is usually my bed time! I will let you know how it goes!
Well, I have just gotten home from a 28km trail run through the flatter area of Lysterfield lake. Mind you, it was already 24 degrees celcius when I picked up Peter at 6.15am!! It was also very windy! I have to admit, I am not used to the heat and it took it out of me a fair bit!! I am also not used to running on the flatter stuff and have lost a bit of that speed. I am racing the Langford Gap 35 this coming Sunday (6th Jan), which is the first half of the Bogong to Hotham race. This should be a tough, hilly race which will be a good, hard hit-out for me.
The temperatures look like continuing to rise over the next few days, so I shall really have to watch my hydration, and probably keep training early in the morining!
Finally, I am feeling better again!! It is so nice to wake up in the morning looking forward to training rather than feeling like I could sleep for another 4 hours!! I have decided that I need to 'embrace the pain' of hard training rather than dreading it, and then not doing my best. It's all about attitude, really, because you still have to do the training either way!! I have heard the whole 'embrace the pain' stuff before, but now I think I am beginning to understand it.
I was feeling a little flat last week, just a  bit run down I think. Adam (my son) had bad bronchitis and I had to stay home from work for two days to look after him. He is off antibiotics now, but starting to get sick again!! Now Zara is getting sick too! It never ends when you have children, there is always something to keep you on your toes. That is why it is very difficult to combine motherhood, fulltime work, and intense training. It is very important for me to keep on top of my nutrition and supplmentation to ensure I stay as healthy as I possibly can. I started taking Echinacea this year and now swear by it.
I am racing the track again this Saturday, a 3000m race. Im a bit nervous already!! Peter and I are planning on doing 2 x 1500m on the track tomorrow to help me get ready. Speed work is always so hard, but you feel like you've really achieved something when you are done. I am also focussing on plyometrics this season, I am hoping it helps with form and strength.
Training has been going well. I went for a hilly run today with Peter, my coach. We did a total of 758m climbing, which was good. SOme of the hills were really steep and I had to concentrate on my form and small steps. I have found that making sure I look up towards the horizon and taking small steps really helps to get up steep climbs. I used to have to walk hills a lot, now I don't!
I'm out to a party tonight, so it will be an easy run tomorrow. 
Well, it has been a long time since I have updated this page. I ended up pulling out of the Melbourne Marathon because I was just not feeling right. I felt incredibly tired and my legs were like lead! And this was at about 3kms in!! Hmm, with only 39kms to go, it looked like being a hard slog. By 15kms I knew that it was an exercise in futility and I decided to cut my losses. I pulled up the next day with some minor injuries so it was jsut as well I stopped when I did. Basically, I don't think I had fully recovered from my race in Switzerland.
I did my first track race on Saturday 27th October. It was a 1500m race (in about 29degrees with wind!!), and I actually enjoyed it! I thought I wouldn't, but it was a great experience, albeit hard work. I came 5th in a field of 10. I am going to be racing the track a lot this year in an effort to increase my speed over shorter distances. I really think racing the track will help heaps, also with getting used to pre-race nerves!!
I am racing the track again this Saturday in a 3000m race! I shall let you know how it goes!
Well, it's just over a week now till the Melbourne Marathon. I was straight back into full-on training after my return to Melbourne two weeks ago. I did not suffer too badly from jetlag, with only a few sleepless nights.
I did my last long run today: 25kms, which felt quite short compared to what I am used to!!Atleast it wasn't raining! Yesterday Peter and I did a 5km TT and it absolutely poured down on us. This was not so good for Peter, who is suffering from the flu at the moment, in fact it has dragged on for 4 weeks!! I swear by my echinacea and Vitamin C to keep me healthy!
I have a very easy week coming up in preparation for the marathon, which I am really looking forward to. I am also on school holidays which should hopefully have me very fresh!
wow, it's been a very busy week!! After the race, my friend Oliver from Germany (who had come to Switzerland to watch the race) drove us back to his home. On Sunday we did some sightseeing near his home. On Monday we were up at 4.30am for a day trip to Paris!! we took in all the sights, which was just so amazing. Then, it was another 5 or so hour drive home and we were back by 1.15am!!
Funnily enough, the next day I felt so exhausted my training run was really ordinary. Oh well, such is life.
I am still pretty tired today, so I only did an easy 12kms. I have 32 kms planned for tomorrow though!! Well, only two more sleeps then I'm on my way home. I am actually quite looking forward to being home, just not the plane flight...
Well, the race is over,and I can't believe it! I had so much fun, even up the very steep sections. I just really focused and was positive the whole way. The weather was perfect, it was 13degrees at the start. I let everyone else sprint off, then started reeling them in after about 7kms! The race went to plan, going moderately at the start, then pushing up the hills. This paid off, as I was the 7th fatest on the steepest, most difficult section. The last downhill was hard, because my legs were like jelly. I had no choice but to sprint!! I heard lots of 'Go Aussie!!" which was fantastic.
The atmosphere of this race was second to none. The organisers did a brilliant job, and all the locals really supported it. I am so glad I made the effort and came over, it was well worth it. Thankyou so, so much to everyone who helped to make this trip possible!
Well, the big race is tomorrow and Interlaken is getting pumped!! There are runners everywhere, and banners, etc.
To take my mind off the race, I took a cable car up one of the Alps called Schilternhorn. There is a revolving restaurant there that was used many moons ago in a James Bond movie, and man are they still milking it!! Brilliant views, though, and I took heaps of photos.
On my way back, I had to walk through Interlaken again and see all the race got those butterflies going. Now all I have to do is get them to dance in formation!!
I really want to enjoy the challenge and the process of the race, not just look towards the end. What an adventure I am having, I want to absorb every moment of it, even the painful parts!!
Well, next time I blog will be after the race, so let's hope it's all positive, and I can wonder why I worried so much!!
I arrived in Germany at 6.30am Monday morning. I managed to stay waake till 6pm, when I lay down just to have a rest, not a sleep, mind you! I woke up at 8pm!! I still managed to sleep a full night, and felt fantastic the next day.
I ran this morning from the town of Bensheim where I am staying with friends. I did a beautiful 14kms through the Odenwald. It was just amazing, and I have to admit I had to stop a few times just to enjoy the views!!
I am currently on a train to Interlaken. I am looking forward to arriving and am starting to get really excited (and just a bit nervous..) about the race on Saturday.

Well, I have packed, and will now sit down to watch some more of the Athletics. My last training session in Australia will be early tommorrow morning, then its into the car and off to the airport.!!


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