The many uses of Rocktape!
Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 11:37AM
Isobel Ross

As you probably know, I have loved using Rocktape for a while. Rocktape is a kinesiology tape. I use it to provide great support for my ongoing niggles. A lot of pain generated by movement or muscle contraction is generated by nerve endings in the space between the skin and muscle. Rocktape decompresses this space so that there is less pressure on these nerve endings so that pain is reduced or stopped completely, making hard runs doable. Of course, I also love the funky designs and colours!

In this blog, however, I will be looking at the uses of Rocktape that go beyond supporting muscles.

I have an ongoing problem with the use of heart rate monitor. I love to see my heart rate as I am running so I can gauge my level of effort more accurately. However, the chest strap chafes my skin badly. I have been at the point of having my skin open, raw and bleeding. Funnily enough, it was my daughter Zara who came up with the idea of putting Rocktape under my chest strap. I had been using band aids, but they kept coming off as soon as I sweated, which is pretty soon when you are running hard. Anyway, I thought, anything is worth a try! I did it, and it works a treat. The Rocktape does not interfere with the chest strap reading my heart rate (as the thick band aids sometimes did) and the chafing is going. Success!



The next use I have for Rocktape is when I tape my feet pre-race. I like to put blister pads on my big toes and on the big toe joint, as these are both areas that tend to rub for me, especially if there are any river crossings on the course I am about to run. However, I always encountered the problem that after a few hours of sweaty feet that have been crossing rivers, the blister pads would start to come off, slipping out of position, thus causing their own problems. Solution: tape the blister pads down with Rocktape. Success again! The blister pads stay put and my feet are happy!


Do you have other uses for Rocktape that we could benefit from?? Please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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