What is the one thing you would do if you weren't afraid?

All my life, I have always wnated to go sky diving. THis to me would be the ultimate.The only problem with my desire is my incredible fear of heights. I remember back in my mountain biking days going to the bungy jumping park up in Cairns to watch my friends make the big jump (there was no way I was doing that!!). I was climbing the stairs to get to the viewing platform. The stairs were metal and cross-hatched. I couldn't even climb up those. 

Then there was the school camp incident... I was the PE teacher at the time. The kids wanted to see me do the ropes course. I was so terrified, not only did the kids have to cajole me ever so sweetly to continue, I swore in front of them all through my fear.

Then, one year I took my nkids to the  high ropes course in Belgrave. I knew I would be too scared to do the high course, so my daughter kindly offered to escort me on the midlle 'little kids' course. I burst into tears and couldn't keep going after trying to put my feet on the start of the course. Zara went off to do the high course whilst I took photos. :(

I just get this weird feeling with heights: my feet tingle to the point of pain and I just feel incredible panic and fear. In an hysterical fashion. I hate it.

Thus, I would so much love to do sky diving to help conquer this fear. Maybe if I wasn't afraid it wouldn'r be so transformative??

I am currently planning to do it these Summer holidays. Stay posted to see if I really go through with it....I hope I do.... 


What are your 3 pet peeves and why do they annoy you?

I have classified pet peeves as annoying things that set your nerves on edge. So here they are for me, in no particular order:


  1. Technology problems: I always seem to have trouble with the photocopier copying 2 sided sheets upside down, with newly purchased programs glitching, with laptops crashing (at RHPS my laptop would crash every year..the tech..who knows who he is..must be soooo sick of me!!), the list goes on and on.
  2. People chewing with their mouth open....please close your mouth! I don't need to see what's going on in there!!! That includes chewing gum. It's not just the associated visuals with an open mouth, there are the sounds! The slopping and chewing. Ugh! It is basic manners to eat with your mouth shut. Which leads me on to my next peeve....
  3. Lack of manners. C' hard is it to be polite!! It doesn't cost you anything! Manners make the world go round. They show respect for others. A simple please and thank you will always be greatly appreciated and it takes no extra effort. Showing manners to others also helps people feel good, and couldn't we all do with a bit more of that in the world?


What do you think of my pet peeves? Do you agree? Or do you have others? Comment below....


What did I do on Spring Break?

First day of Spring Break I drove out to Bragg Creek and did 4 loops of Moose Mountain: Thats 7k up and 7k down for each loop, and 4 x that, which is 56kms in all!! I was pretty tired after that!
The next day I was up bright and early and drove to Vancouver. I shared the driving with a friend. It was raining when we got there...and the next day...and the next day. A common theme in Vancouver I gather!
In spite of this, we had a good time. The first day, we looked around the city a bit and then went to the museum. On the second day, my friend Sarah and I went shopping, then walked from the waterfront station to Stanley Park. We walked around there for about 2 hours, then headed back. We met Zara in town for dinner.

On the third day we went out to Capilano Park to see the suspension bridge. So many tourists! Which I know we were too, but it was crazy, and it wasn't even busy yet!! For the afternoon, I dropped Zara downtown while Sarah and I hiked up Grouse Mountain, which was fun. We all met up for dinner and then did a ghost tour of Gastown. A busy day!

On our last day, Zara and I went to a market, then drove to Kelowna. We stayed the night there. I woke up Good Friday morning to some bad news from home, which put a real dampener on Easter. I drove the 7+ hours home to Calgary in a bit of a mixed up state, then spent the weekend trying to get more news from Australia and feeling sad. 


There is an emergency and you have to evacuate your home. You can only take 3 things. What do you take and why?

If I had to evacuate my home and could only take three things, I think the things I would choose would all be electronic! I think this is because our lives have become so dependent on electronics that our lives are entwined in them.

So here are the three items:


  1. My phone: My phone is a means of communication with all the people I know and love. I would be lost without all the contact details my phone has...we don't have address books anymore!! Also, I have all my photos on it...yes they're on the cloud, but how do I access the cloud?? 
  2. My laptop. This also has all my photos on it...especially all the older ones that are no longer on my phone. it also has all my records and important information related to my life. Things would be very complicated indeed for me without these details.
  3. My hard-drive. I almost said my Garmin for this one, but I can run without it (I think!!) and I can buy another. However, I cannot replace this hard-drive that has all the pictures of my children from when they were babies. I would be devastated to lose these.


So, yes all my items are electronic, but they are so much more than that. They are the photo albums, address books and document safes of the past. 


A letter to past self at 20 years of age..

Dear 20 year old Isobel,

Isobel, I want to tell you to stop worrying about what people think of you!! it honestly doesn't matter!! Do what is right for you, live your life in a way that makes YOU happy. Be confident in yourself and stop looking for approval from others. 

Stop worrying about the for in the moment. You don't need to plan every moment of the future, stop being in such a rush to grow up. Enjoy being young, the future will come to you and everything will work out if you just let it be. You don't have to get married and do everything young...go travel, see the world, meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you. It's ok to be scared, in fact it will make you stronger, more confident and will teach you a lot about life.

You are not as grown-up as you think you are at 20; you are still so young and have so much to learn. Take your time, listen to others and RELAX! Stop stressing about doing everything right. It honestly doesn't matter. In trying to be perfect and doing everything 'right', you are actually making a lot of BIG mistakes. 

My biggest piece of advice for you at 20 Isobel is: Drop everything and go travel like you had wanted to at 18. Get a backpack and go and work around the world. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.