Write out 5 things you could do to make other people feel good/be happy. Why would these deeds make others happy?

There are many ways we can make other people feel good, and they don't have to be big onerous tasks. Here are 5 that I try to regularly do:


  1. Smile at people. I believe one smile can create a ripple of happiness. I smile at one person; they feel happier and they smile at the next, who then feels happier and so on. But it has to start with someone!
  2. Use manners. Saying please and thank you and other general manners shows respect. People feel happier when they are treated in a respectful manner. Once again, I believe it creates a ripple effect too. They will pass it on!
  3. Offering to help someone. When someone gives help freely, and without obligation, it shows that you care about them. There is a disturbing lack of care for others in this world. show you care about your loved ones, and strangers, by offering to help them when you can!
  4. Hugs! A hug is an amazing emotional restorative. A hug makes most people feel happy. It's another way to show you care. 
  5. Listening. once again, listening to someone (and not just being quiet whilst you wait to talk!!!) is a sign of respect and care. If you wnat to make someone feel good about themselves, listen to them; really listen.



Who made you feel good this week? Explain what they did and how the thing/things they did helped make you feel good.

Ooooh, this is a tricky one!!! Mainly because I am here in Canada with not as many friends around as usual. goes then! 

I would say it is more than one person. 

Unfortunately, my mum is currently unwell. Due to this, I need to fly back to Australia for a week to visit her. I have had a lot of my friends from back in Australia checking in on me, making sure I am ok. They are also super-looking forward to seeing me again after having been away. This has helped to make me feel loved and important in their lives. 

I have also had a lot of support from staff at work here in Canada. This helps me to feel appreciated and valued. 

Knowing that I am valued by others, either close or far away, has helped me to feel much better during this time. It is very difficult being away from friends and family during hard times. It is great to have lots of support around me, including from my new friends here in Canada. 

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all who have shown me support and care during this time. xxx


Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would include me not having to get up at 4am to run. So, a sleep-in would be first. I would get up about 7am for a leisurely coffee, then I would go for a run in a beautiful natural environment. The temperature would be cool but pleasant. I would be running with friends with whom I would share fun conversations and lots of laughs. We would then go out for coffee and a delicious breakfast.

The rest of the day would be spent lazing around home, reading and relaxing. I would be free to do whatever I want; maybe even go out and catch up with friends. I would not need to do any chores of any description.

Dinner would be with my kids and we would have great conversations and end the meal feeling happy and content. We would clean up from dinner in a co-operative and friendly manner. We would then watch a movie we all like and have great discussions about the plot. 

Bedtime would come, and it would be not too late, but I would feel just the right amount of sleepy. I would read in bed, then switch off the light and full asleep straight away. I would stay asleep all night long. This day would then be repeated the next day, though sometimes I would catch up with friends or other family for dinner. Sounds wonderful to me!!!


What are your five short term goals?

I told the class that these short-term goals could be up until the end of 2018.

  1. Put out videos on my vlog every week. I think the more vlogs I create the easier it will become. The editing is currently what is taking me a long time, but practice makes perfect!!! And proficient!
  2. Complete all 3 races in the Sinister Triple. I am a little concerned about the 30 hour cut off for the first race, the Sinister 7 100 miler. the other two races are shorter and have 24 hour cutoffs, which I think I will manage. It would be hard to motivate myself to finish them though if I don't 'officially' finish the first!
  3. Complete my running coaching certification. I have always wanted to help others with their running and feel that getting certification to do so is the best route.
  4. Go parachuting. I really wnat to do this to conquer my fear of heights. I am planning on achieving this goal this year.
  5. Visiting Hawaii. All my life (and I mean ALL my life) I have wnated to go to Hawaii. This is going to be the year it happens!


Response to video seems to be what everyone is striving for, as if any negative emotion is abhorrent and to be completely avoided. I think all emotions are important, although often they feel unpleasant in the moment. As a friend once said to me when I was upset about something; "you can't feel the highs withough having felt the lows" Now I now now that this is a well-known quote, but it was the first time I had heard it and it really resonated with me.

Now, more on the topic at hand. I like the way he says that happiness is a response to our environment. This is so true; we only feel that we can be happy when the stars align and all the circumstances are correct. These circumstances rarely happen, and maybe that is why happiness is so elusive. However, no matter what the situation, we can always be grateful, if we look hard enough. We can be going through hard times, but be grateful for our friends, for those who support us, for the sun shining on us, and so on. This small things can bring us feelings of joy and contentment, and may I say it, happiness. 

I feel we should stop striving for happiness and instead look to be grateful for all the things we do have. In this way, we may actually feel happier than ever.