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What are the top five qualities of a friend and why?

These are closely related (in my mind) to the things you can do to make others happy (yesterday's journal topic).


  1. Kindness: to myself and others. Kindness means treating me with respect and with honesty. It means helping me when I need help, and being a shoulder to lean on. Of course, I would need to reciprocate this.
  2. Common interests: It makes it much easier to be friends with people with whom you have something in common.
  3. Positivity: I like to be around positive people. There is nothing worse than being around people who always whinge and complain and who blame everyone else for all of their problems. Of course, bad things happen, but trying to be grateful for small things and focusing on the positive helps.
  4. Energetic: I like to active and out there doing things. I am not the type of person to sit on my laurels. I would find friends who did so a bit frustrating. I tend to be friends with people who are busy and active like myself.
  5. Ethical: I like to be friends with people who do the right thing. Not because of rules and laws, but simply because doing the right thing is right! I could not be friends with people who have no morals or standards, or who do illegal things.


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