How has your life changed since this time last year?

Well, let me name the ways!! There are so many!!


  1. I now live in Canada instead of Australia.
  2. I work in a Montessori school instead of a standard government school.
  3. I have learnt so much more about myself and how to deal with change and difficult situations.
  4. My mum has died :(
  5. I have learnt to rely purely on myself and not on other people. 
  6. I have learnt to drive on the opposite side of the road and to drive in snow!!!
  7. I have made lots of new friends.
  8. I have spent an unbeliveably large amount of money and am now massively in debt!!
  9. I have run in the snow.
  10. I have travelled so much!!



What are 5 or more things I can do to help the environment and how do they help?

There are many things we can all do to help the environment. here are some things I can do.


  1. Run or ride to work: less pollution and less vehicles on the road.
  2. Make my own lunches and put them in re-usable containers: less plastic waste.
  3. Recycle paper: paper scraps, etc. from school should be recycled: less waste in landfill, less trees cut down.
  4. Composting organic waste: less waste in landfill.
  5. Getting my car serviced: car runs more efficiently and thus pollutes the environment less.
  6. Put an extra sweater/jumper or jacket on instead of turning up the heat when it's cold: less pollution caused by the use of electricity.



What are ten things you are grateful for right now?


  1. The beautiful sunny weather!
  2. Being fit, healthy and strong.
  3. Having a great bunch of kids in my class.
  4. Living in Canada.
  5. All the new friends I have made.
  6. Having enough money to buy all the things I need. I don't have lots of money so as to buy luxuries, but enough so that I can eat good food, enter races and go out for dinner occasionally.
  7. Having friends back in Australia who are looking forward to seeing me when I return for a week soon.
  8. Technology that enables me to stay in contact with all my friends.
  9. Living in a time when women have more choices than they have had ever before in history. When I was a kid, women weren't even allowed to run marathons!!! Can you even imagine that? Now, I'm running ultramarathons!
  10. Having the Rockies so close. What an amazing place to run! 



What are three things you can't do without and why?

Ok, I told the class this needed to be things; not people or pets. Very similar to the previous journal about being evacuated and what you would take with you.

Here are the top three things I couldn't do without:


  1. My Garmin. I love using this to help me train. It tracks my workouts, monitors whether I am training too much, and motivates me to train more effectively.
  2. My phone. OK, hardly a phone anymore seeing as I very, very rarely speak to anyone on it. I use it to message friends to organise runs. I keep in contact with friends and family back home in Australia. I check my emails, watch YouTube, Netflix, play word games, take photos, look at photos, look up words, research, use maps....the list is potentially endless. How did I survive without it???
  3. Coffee!!! Coffee is an amazing product. It wakes me up before a run, it keeps me awake during the day, it fills me up when I'm hungry, it's a social pretext (let's meet for a coffee!), and more!

Of course, I would survive without these three things, however, life is nicer with them. And believe me, I'm much nicer with them; especially coffee!!!!! :)



What are the top five qualities of a friend and why?

These are closely related (in my mind) to the things you can do to make others happy (yesterday's journal topic).


  1. Kindness: to myself and others. Kindness means treating me with respect and with honesty. It means helping me when I need help, and being a shoulder to lean on. Of course, I would need to reciprocate this.
  2. Common interests: It makes it much easier to be friends with people with whom you have something in common.
  3. Positivity: I like to be around positive people. There is nothing worse than being around people who always whinge and complain and who blame everyone else for all of their problems. Of course, bad things happen, but trying to be grateful for small things and focusing on the positive helps.
  4. Energetic: I like to active and out there doing things. I am not the type of person to sit on my laurels. I would find friends who did so a bit frustrating. I tend to be friends with people who are busy and active like myself.
  5. Ethical: I like to be friends with people who do the right thing. Not because of rules and laws, but simply because doing the right thing is right! I could not be friends with people who have no morals or standards, or who do illegal things.


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