What are 5 things you want to achieve in the rest of this year?

  1. Start a podcast..yes you heard right! That's the plan...stay tuned....
  2. Finish GSER....this time. Yes, I was soft last time and DNFed. Had enough of the pain...adnittedly I had absolutley rinsed myself 6 weeks earlier at the 24 hour track race in Brisbane where I won overall...but that's no excuse. Harden up Isobel!!
  3. Get more clients for my coaching business. I really want to help as many people as possible with my coaching. I know a lot about running, and a lot about ultra running. I know people too, having been a teacher for a bajillion years (a technical term..). So come on, you know you want to! Go to my website here and get on it!
  4. Buy a new car. Ok, a new second-hand car. But it will feel new to me!! Any suggestions for something decent under $20K????
  5. Apply for and get in to Barkley 2020. I don't know why, but it's become an obsession..............

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What is your biggest concern right now?

My biggest concern right now is for the environment. I am deeply worried about what the future will be. Our materialistic obsession and desire to have the latest of everything is an environmental nightmare. 
I am a teacher and I see and hear about the unbeliveably huge amount of needless and useless things children are being bought on a constant basis. It is no longer just for Christmas and birthdays, now kids get playstations, iPads and phones for Easter, for a good report, for just waking up in the morning. We are going for a moment's happiness athat will lead to a lifetime of regret. Not only are we as a species destroying our home for stuff that ultimately means nothing, we are also spoiling and destroying the next generation. It honestly scares me and makes me feel ill when I think what we are doing to this world.
It will take more than a bit of a recycling to save the planet. It involves buying less, knowing the differrence between needs and wants and actually caring about and wanting to make a change. We can do it!

Write 5 affirmations for when you are feeling low.

  • This to shall pass.
  • In 5 years this won't matter.
  • Happy, healthy, free.
  • I am grateful for...(then list them).
  • I am so lucky to have this life.

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The saying goes, "Money cannot buy happiness." Do you agree or disagree? Why? 

I completely agree. Throughout my life I have seen people destroy relationships over money. 

To me, relationships with my family and friends are infinitely more important than money. At the end of the day, money can be gained or lost in the blink of an eye. But people are always there. I don't want to be on my deathbed wishing I had focused more on my family or friends and less on money. To be honest, I was brought up to not hold all my value onto physical things. I still feel the same. Of course, I like to have nice things like everyone else, but they don't make me happy like my loved ones do. 

Nothing brings me more joy than dinner and board games with my kids. Or running in beautiful nature with my friends; laughing and chatting.

What brings you joy?

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Write about a baby-sitting experience. 

I missed yesterday's blog because I was at the hospital with my daughter...we waited over 11 hours and still didn't get seen by a specialist :(

Anway...I used to babysit for a family that lived two doors up from my place when I was a teenager. On the night in question, I got to their house and saw they had a brand new, beautiful white leather couch in their family room (disclaimer; it was the 80s!!!). The parents left, and I looked after the kids till their bed times, then sent them off to bed. I settled down to do homework whilst watching TV. I sat on the floor at the coffee table with my back leaning on said couch. I was writing with a blue pen, and at one point I had an itchy leg. I scratched my leg whilst holding the pen, then turned and saw to my horror that I had just scribbled blue pen all over their new white leather couch!!!! I was absolutely panicking!! I had no idea what to do, and could only imagine what they would say!!

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cloth. I scrubbed and scrubbed, and would you believe, it came off!! It wass like my own little miracle!! I never sat near that couch again!!!

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