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Five things to do less often

1.       Worry about what people think of you; it really doesn’t matter! And to be honest, they’re too busy worrying about what everyone is thinking of them!!!! I know it’s easy for me to say it doesn’t matter, and a lot harder to implement that sentiment. That’s ok, practicing the skill of not worrying about it will become easier over time.

2.       Living with regrets; I’m talking about the regrets of what you haven’t done rather than what you have. Be brave, do the things you’re scared of doing!! Life is short, you don’t want to be on your death bed lamenting the awesome things you never did.

3.       Comparing yourself to others on social media; If you follow the point above you won’t have time to compare or be envious!! You’ll be too busy doing all the awesome things. Envy and comparison just rob you of your happiness. Don’t go there.

4.       Never saying ‘no’; it’s like the aeroplane safety rule, put your own mask on first so that you are able to help others. Look after yourself first (and I don’t mean be selfish), and then you will be more capable of helping others. That may mean saying ‘no’ to some people at some times. That’s ok. They’ll get over it.

5.       Thinking that your money and material objects define you; you are not your things. Having more money or better things does not make you a better or more likeable person. Being a good person who thinks of others and genuinely cares for others makes you a better, more likeable person. Be that good person.

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