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An A-Z of bad running advice (L-Z) 

L: Left behind; what many runners worry they will be on every single group run they go on.....But honestly, it doesn't matter!! No-one actually cares. Someone has to be last!

M: Money; I thought running would be a cheap sport. What do you need? Runners and some shorts. How wrong I was!! Who would have thought you need so much stuff?? And I mean NEED!!!

N: Never take a rest day. That's right, flog your self completely into the ground so that you are too exhausted to even switch on your Garmin, let alone run 40k. But hey, who needs rest?? That's for soft people! We're far too hard core for rest...right!??!

O: Opinionated: Make sure you tell your running buddy (in a really loud voice so EVERYONE has to hear it) all the latest training tips and tricks and infer that you basically know everything there is to knwno about running. Oh, and everything else. Also make sure you give reasons for why your latest race went so crap, even though you absolutely SMASH it in training every day. And rest days?? Who needs those hey!??

P: Pretend; that's right, if you pretend you don't have an injury it'll go away won't it! How's that working for you??

Q: Quick!! Yes, do all your runs as quick as you can so that everyone can see on Strava how fast you are and then be soooo impressed. Never mind that you're too exhausted to race well, that's not important. You won training, that's what matters!!

R: I bet you think rest should've gone here, am I right? Well, you probably are! Instead it's Remember! make sure you lock all your old PBs in your brain so you can reel them off ten years later to prove what an awesome runner you once were!

S: Sleep; that's for soft people! You can survive on 4 hours a night and still win training! In fact, it's a competition with your mates to see who can survive on the least amount of sleep. The winner is the toughest runner, right!?

T: Trips to the physio/myo/chiro/osteo etc; you have many of these in an attempt to hold your rapidly falling apart body together after you've refused to rest, sleep or eat good nutrition.

U: Up manship ; conversations with you and your mates revolves around who can prove they are the most injured/under-trained/just using this race for training in your pre-race discussions. Each of you secretly knowing you are at your fittest and hoping to crush it (and your mates) come race day.

V: Vegan; or keto, or low carb/high fat or the myriad of other diet fads. And you are always trying to convert your friends to the one true way of your diet cult. Seriously, just eat healthy foods most of the time. It's not rocket science!!!!!

W: Win!!! At all costs, even if it means you have to elbow others out of the way as you head for that single-track, or if you have to leap over that runner who just fell to the ground with a twisted ankle. Your race is far more important than anyone else!!!

X: X-rays and scans; you need a lot of these for stress fractures when you over-train, always run hard, never rest and eat crap.

Y: Yell; at the aid stations make sure you yell out your needs and demands as you enter the aid station area. The volunteeers surely know how important you are and should drop everything they are busy with to attend to your needs. Oh and don't bother to thank them, you are far too important for that!

Z: Zero: the amount of kilometres you can do when you are too injured or burnt out to run. To avoid this horrible number, train correctly! Use a coach (Like me at Peak Endurance Coaching), get lots of sleep, have rest days and eat well. You can do it!!! I believe in you!

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