Monday 12th August: 8kms + drills

Happy Monday everyone!!

I very reluctantly got up early on another dreary Melbourne Winter's day! At least it wasn't bucketing it down which seems to be par for the course at the moment!! All I could think was, "Why do I do this?? Why can't I just be a normal person who doesn't feel driven to run everyday???"

I ran 2 exciting kilometres as my warm up at some dreadfully slow pace. It looked even slower on Strava because I stopped and looked at my phone for a minute due to the sheer awfulness of the run and I needed something to distract me. Yeah, that worked well.

Anyway, I got to the oval where I do my drills. Well, to be honest I do them in the gravel car park next to the oval because the oval is so incredibly wet this time of year. And I hate wet feet. I did my drills and for the first time in since I can't remember when, they felt ok!! Then I finished off with another 6kms....which was a full 1 minute per km faster than my 2k warm up! 

I finished my run glad I had done it. Which as you know, is half the battle! 

Speed work tomorrow..ugh!!! :)


Sunday 11th August: 15kms + drills + gym + sauna

My legs were pretty tired today! Having a few red wines last night didn't help either!! I did a 2km warmup, then my running drills that are supposed to help with the quad pain that I have been having for years. I then ran 13kms to gym, where I did plyometrics. I followed this up with 25 minutes in the sauna. I have done a lot of research on infra-red saunas and the ir benefits. They are supposed to help with recovery and endurance. I don't know if that's true, but I certainly find it very relaxing, and nice and warm during winter! I always do a 10 minute guided meditation whilst I am in there too. 


Saturday 10th August: 27.5 kms and 2,500m elevation + 3.75km warm up

What an amazing run!! Melbourne was hit by an Antarctic blast this weekend, and man have I felt it these last two days! Today I ran up in the Dandenongs and it rained, hailed and snowed. It was brilliant!! I loved it, and it sure makes you feel alive! It made the course I was doing a bit treacherous, but it was so much fun! I am training for the Great Southern Endurance Run so this sort of run was perfect! I need tough climbs and tough conditions. It all helps to toughen me up! Two trail days in a row has been good. It was cold, and that definitely saps the energy more, I was feeling a bit light headed towards the end. A few sour worms, and I was good to go again! How was your training this weekend?


Friday 9th August: 22ks in the hills

Well I was home again today because my daughter is at my place recovering after her surgery. You would think this would mean but nope! I didn't want to leaver her alone too long, so I was up at 5.00 am...which on a school days is actually a bit of a sleep in! Today was forecast to be a wild one! 150km winds, rain and a blast of wintery weather generally coming in from the Antarctic. A perfect day to hit the trails!

I got to the trailhead at 6.30am. I had brought a light-weight headtorch to light the way which proved why it is light weight...the batteries went flat pretty quickly (to be fair, I can't remember the last time I put batteries in...what's the saying, failing to plan is like planning to fail?? Yup!!) So there I was on slippery single track with virtually no light! Finally at about 7.30am there was enough light (I won't say the sun came up!) to see by. The wind was blowing like crazy and was unbelievably noisy! The rain was pouring down and there was mud everywhere, and I could hear the crashes of trees falling in the wind and rain. I was having a blast!

I had brought my Zhiyun gimble to do some recording, but the combination of a dying iPhone and the cold and wet led to my phone going flat after only a small amount of filming. :( I will be uploading a video of what I have to my YouTube account soon!

I do love running at Silvan in the Dandenong Ranges. I managed to take a couple of photos before my phone died, check out how beautiful it is! 

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Happy trails!




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