Rest Day

So, I went out last night....and I was so tired today I decided not to train. I didn't have a hangover!! But two late nights in a row did not do me any favours!! I am definitely an early bird person, I am no night owl and do not cope with it.

Instead! I cleaned out my shed and re-organised my place as my son has recently moved out. I knew it would take me a while and when you run half the day, by the time you get back you don't have the energy to or time left to do big cleaning up jobs! I feel very satisifed to have gotten so much accomplished. I think it was almost worth not running...almost!

I am looking forward to a full week of running next week! Just not the super-early mornings...even as an early bird I have my limits!

How was your training over the weekend?

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30ks with 2000m elevation

I missed yesterday's blog because I was at the hospital with my daughter...we waited over 11 hours and still didn't get seen by a specialist :(

I got home about 1am so slept in and ran on my own. I was originally going to drive to a different trail head over 30 minutes away but I have things to do later today, so I ran locally. I drove about ten minutes instead! Much more civilised! I originally wanted to get in close to 3000m vert  but that just wasn't going to happen with the time I had available and with the fatigue I was feeling. So I aimed for 2000 instead. Which I think was pretty good considering my local 'mountain' is only 600m high!!!

The weather was amazing!! Yesterday was all rain and cold and horribleness, but today was sunny and warm, and got to 21 degrees celcius!! It's not often the weather is better on the weekend than during the week, but there were no complaints from me!!

I'm out with friends not sure what sort of shape I will be for training tomorrow....let's see....

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Thursday 15th August: 15ks with short rep ladder.

I did not sleep well ast night!! I accidentally left the heater on in my room and I couldn't work out why I was feeling so hot and sweaty. I eventually got up to go to the toilet and that's when I noticed the glow of the heater. Oops! Once that was off, I slept better. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and green nose though :(

I debated not running, but that debate lasted about 5 seconds, and I'm super glad I didn't succumb!! It was a beautiful morning with a big full moon, although it was quite windy. I did a ladder of 1 minue/2/3/2/1/3/2/1/1 It was tough work but I felt great for having done it! 

Then, it was off to gym for a workout and a sauna. There three other girls  in the sauna this time, which was a bummer. I liked having it to myself on Tuesday!

Hills tomorrow!!!

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Wednesday 14th August; easy 10ks + drills

Well, I had a bit more spring in my step when the alarm went off this morning at 4.45am! I even managed to get a load of laundry on before I headed out the door! I did an easy 2k warm-up then my drills next to the local oval. After that I ran 8ks at a respectable enough 5.46 pace. It's funny, I  remember when my 'easy' pace was about 4.30-4.40...ah the good old days! If only I had appreciated them more!

It was then back home to hang up said laundry and get ready for another faulous day at work........

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Tuesday 13th August; 6x800m

When that alarm went off at 3.55am I was not feeling the love!!! But I dragged myself out of my warm, cozy bed, had my coffee and did my exercises that are supposed to keep me injury free.

It was raining when I headed out in the dark, and it rained the whole run. It wasn't cold though, which was good. My repeats went well, I was able to hit low 4.30 pace for some of them, and mid 4.30 pace for the others. I'm pretty happy, except the outside sole on my left foot now hurts and I'm limping. Seriously, I feel like I am falling apart! I tore my bicep and partially dislocated my shoulder in a fall 6 weeks ago and tore my meniscus in hot yoga 3 weeks ago. It must be because my other long-term niggles are clearing up. My body doesn't like me to be without injury!! :( 

After my run, I headed to the gym and limped around doing my leg weights and some upper body (a bit hard with all my injuries!), then it was into the sauna for 20 minutes. Warm bliss!! I also did a guided meditation whilst I was in there. Then it was a cold shower (grrrr....) and off to work!!! 

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