Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 2:05PM
Isobel Ross

Ok, even I have been getting bored with my blog posts. So now I shall just write about my musings from my day...running related or not!

Last night after work I went to the local salt room and participated in a one hour guided meditation class. I go every week. It's the best sleep I get all week! In fact, I woke up snorting 3 times!! And then proceeded to deny that I had slept when the instructor asked if I had had a good sleep..... I'm not a very good liar! One of the women gave out love heart crystals to each of use...they were beautiful.





This morning I ran from the local gym again because I am soft and don't like having to run back up the hill to get home. Who else does stuff like that?? It was drizzling and blowing a gale...perfect weather! I did my drills in an effort to try to recapture my faster times....fighting father time here! We can live in hope.....

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