Rest Day
Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 6:03PM
Isobel Ross

So, I went out last night....and I was so tired today I decided not to train. I didn't have a hangover!! But two late nights in a row did not do me any favours!! I am definitely an early bird person, I am no night owl and do not cope with it.

Instead! I cleaned out my shed and re-organised my place as my son has recently moved out. I knew it would take me a while and when you run half the day, by the time you get back you don't have the energy to or time left to do big cleaning up jobs! I feel very satisifed to have gotten so much accomplished. I think it was almost worth not running...almost!

I am looking forward to a full week of running next week! Just not the super-early mornings...even as an early bird I have my limits!

How was your training over the weekend?

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