Tuesday 13th August; 6x800m

When that alarm went off at 3.55am I was not feeling the love!!! But I dragged myself out of my warm, cozy bed, had my coffee and did my exercises that are supposed to keep me injury free.

It was raining when I headed out in the dark, and it rained the whole run. It wasn't cold though, which was good. My repeats went well, I was able to hit low 4.30 pace for some of them, and mid 4.30 pace for the others. I'm pretty happy, except the outside sole on my left foot now hurts and I'm limping. Seriously, I feel like I am falling apart! I tore my bicep and partially dislocated my shoulder in a fall 6 weeks ago and tore my meniscus in hot yoga 3 weeks ago. It must be because my other long-term niggles are clearing up. My body doesn't like me to be without injury!! :( 

After my run, I headed to the gym and limped around doing my leg weights and some upper body (a bit hard with all my injuries!), then it was into the sauna for 20 minutes. Warm bliss!! I also did a guided meditation whilst I was in there. Then it was a cold shower (grrrr....) and off to work!!! 

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