Monday 12th August: 8kms + drills

Happy Monday everyone!!

I very reluctantly got up early on another dreary Melbourne Winter's day! At least it wasn't bucketing it down which seems to be par for the course at the moment!! All I could think was, "Why do I do this?? Why can't I just be a normal person who doesn't feel driven to run everyday???"

I ran 2 exciting kilometres as my warm up at some dreadfully slow pace. It looked even slower on Strava because I stopped and looked at my phone for a minute due to the sheer awfulness of the run and I needed something to distract me. Yeah, that worked well.

Anyway, I got to the oval where I do my drills. Well, to be honest I do them in the gravel car park next to the oval because the oval is so incredibly wet this time of year. And I hate wet feet. I did my drills and for the first time in since I can't remember when, they felt ok!! Then I finished off with another 6kms....which was a full 1 minute per km faster than my 2k warm up! 

I finished my run glad I had done it. Which as you know, is half the battle! 

Speed work tomorrow..ugh!!! :)

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