InnSaei Running and the Brisbane Track Ultra 

I have started my own YouTube channel. It is called InnSaei Running. InnSaei is an Icelandic word that means intuition...but it is more than simply that. it has three distinct elements:

1. The Sea Within; this is our feelings, our inner understandings and our emotions. Connecting with nature is a great way to connect with the sea within.

2. To See Within; this is to know ourselves and to accept and understand ourselves. This is harder because we need to honestly assess ourselves and not blame ourselves or others.

3. To See From the Inside Out; this is our strong inner compass. This allows us to navigate the world with clarity and decisiveness.

To me, InnSaei is what running is about…it’s why we run and the inner clarity is what we get from running. It is a symbiotic relationship. It explains to me why I love running so much. 

Here is the first video I have made!

Brisbane Track Ultra

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