When breaking your shoulder is the best thing that can happen for your training…

It’s funny, at first when I broke my shoulder, I didn’t think it was a good thing. However, in retrospect, I can say that it was.

Before I came off my bike, I had had 2 weeks off running and cycling completely due to a cortisone shot to my lower back. To be honest, before that for about 2-3 months, my running had been dreadful. I was exhausted, and dreading every ‘run’ (if you could call it running!) I was too tired to run properly, and was basically walking a lot on the trails. It all felt like such a struggle and as if I could never love running again.


As you may or may not know, I broke my shoulder on the first day I was allowed back on the bike. I was really upset because it was only a couple of weeks before summer holidays, a time when I normally like to do heaps of training. Anyway, as you do, you just get on with life. I did some hiking and went to spin classes at the gym. It was all actually quite enjoyable. I also rested a lot, caught up with friends, and ate and drank probably a bit too much! I was basically just a normal, relaxed person. It was great (other than the couple of kilos I have put on!!).

I have now been back running a few weeks, and wow! Have I lost some fitness!!!! It’s scary how quick it goes (although I would say it’s been about 5 months since I had done proper running/training). Some changes have occurred! I am enjoying running again! Yay!! My leg pain has gone! Yay! (thanks mainly to the advice in ‘You Can Run Pain Free’ a book I have reviewed for the upcoming AURA magazine). I am slowly regaining my fitness! Yay! It is all good!

I would have to say, that basically my body had been screaming out for rest. 2015 was mentally and physically exhausting for me, and I just needed some time and relaxation to recoup. It’s funny; we persist in not listening to our bodies, but in the end it wins and makes us listen!

So, my running is enjoyable again. I happily train most days…yes, not every day because I have realised how much I need rest! I have also stopped going to hot yoga because the evening classes were leaving me dehydrated for my runs the next day!

In essence, I can 100% say that breaking my shoulder was just what my training needed. My injury forced me to rest, which was exactly what I needed. Rest is so important, you just can’t train to your potential without it! I am regaining my fitness and looking forward to lots of fun racing this year!

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